Today was a lot of fun! Most of our team was packed into a tiny radio studio at 90.9 WQFS Radio on the beautiful Guilford College campus. Including the host there were six people, three microphones,  five headsets, and a lot of love.

We were invited to speak on  “Seeking Justice” LIVE Radio Talk Show with Mary Kendall Hope, Professor of Peace & Conflict Studies at Guilford College.
She asked us many candid questions about what homelessness looks like on the ground level, and offered us each a chance to tell our stories and share our experiences.

We are so excited to be meeting again, and although there was a hiatus, each of us is so glad to be on these proverbial bikes. At our last meeting, Yvonne reminded me of a quote from a man who has literally been on his bikes serving burritos religiously every Saturday morning. “I cannot promise results, but I can promise effort.”

We can use all the help we can get, and that help comes in many forms. Monetary donations are graciously accepted, but help with meals each Sunday evening, material donations, donations in kind of services, or any other way YOU feel like you could contribute is warmly welcomed. It does take a village, and at the root of our work there is an idea that what matters most is the love a stranger deserves. Community is what will sustain us and you are part of that community. We’ll see you soon.



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